“A bicycle ride around the world begins with a single pedal stroke”


My videos bring an entirely new dimension to cycling races. The goal? To transport you back to those heart-pounding moments where champions were born. Through meticulous editing and captivating music, I aim to amplify those goosebumps, making you feel the raw emotions at a whole new level. But it's not just about the major victories. It's about uncovering those hidden gems – the hilarious and unexpected moments that often go unnoticed. My videos shine a spotlight on these gems, letting you experience the lighter side of the sport. And let's not forget the skill and artistry of our talented bike riders. My content is all about celebrating their prowess and highlighting the incredible feats they achieve on those pedals. Want to support me on my journey and help me create more and better videos? Please consider donating, even small donations mean the world to me.

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